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nine high
Nine High
Beat Broker threw a snag on the barbie with Fraksha from Nine High.

Nine High's Fraksha - tells us about his superior breakfast making skills...

Tell us about the first time you were really inspired by music?

Probably a Supa T freestyle of some Disorda ‘Hustlerz’ mixtape years back. It was the first UK thing that made me stand up and think ‘woah, there’s people doing this thing in England and they’re realer than anything I’ve heard from the states!’

What do you consider to be your greatest skill? 

I make the best breakfast, no man can test!

Name two albums you keep very close to hand. 

Skinnyman ‘Council estate of mid’ and Fallacy ‘Blackmarket Boy’

The road to musical success is often long and hard. What is one lesson you have learnt along the way that changed the way you saw things?

Trust very few people and don’t rely on anyone but yourself

Who inspires you? (both in life and in music) 

In music, crap artists inspire me to be better than them and good ones inspire me to prove that I deserve to be a level with them or higher. In life I am inspired by money and materialistic things.

Tell us a quirky fact about yourself no one else knows!

I have no secrets! But I can touch my nose with my tongue if that’s quirky enough

If you could have two wishes come true what would they be? 

To never have to work a day job again and to have a government approved licence to kill

Before you step on stage for a gig, what do you do to prepare?

A shot of brandy and some ‘Sound of Music’ Do-ray-me-far-so singing

What do your parents think of what you do? Have you ever taken them along to a gig?

I’ve not taken them along, but they’re supportive and slightly intrigued I think

If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be? 

Finding a cure for an incurable disease

Having spent so much time on aeroplanes, are you an official member of the mile high club? 

Where do I send my application?